Instant, drug-free
period pain relief.

Instant, drug-free
period pain relief.

Frustrated by the lack of solutions for period pain?

We hear you. Had enough of popping 100s of pills each month? Us too. Sick of missing out just because you have a uterus? Let’s fix that.

Thanks to science, period pain can now be optional.

Meet Ovira

All Natural

FDA Approved

100 Day Trial

Female Powered

"Say goodbye to period and endometriosis pain with Ovira."

"There's A Pocket-Sized Device That Stops Menstrual Pain In Its Tracks."

"I’d happily kiss this little device every night for the relief it’s brought me."

"A Game-Changer For Women Everywhere."

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Hannah l.
Australia Australia
Ovira and endo

I have severe endometriosis, and I’ve been using my ovira machine religiously. Honestly hands done one of the most amazing machines it helps me so much and I love my little machine. It’s so small and easy to carry around, 95% of the time you can hide it in your clothing! If you have endo and suffer from pain daily or more than just period pain I couldn’t recommend this product enough!

Madi .
United States United States
Endostrong with Ovira

As a woman who suffers from endometriosis I can tell you that this product really helps. I can wear it all day at work, at home in bed, or on the go. I had an uh-oh with my device and the team was so great. They helped me get it fixed and able to use my device again. Overall great company and great product.

United States United States
Glad to have a new option for pain relief!

If you are considering getting Ovira, I would definitely recommend trying it! I have only used it for one month and while it does not eliminate my pain completely, it did reduce it quite a bit. I only took pain meds one day during my period instead of every day, so to me it was worth it. I am happy to have found an alternative and safe option for pain relief. It was tricky trying to find the right location for the 'love handles' so just be patient with that part and move them around if it doesn't seem to be effective.

Australia Australia
What a relief

I've just finished my first period using my new Ovira and it's the first time in YEARS that I didn't need to count down the minutes until my next paracetamol or burn my stomach with a hot water bottle! I have endometriosis and, when a friend saw this, she sent me the link and I knew I had to try it after reading the story. It feels so soothing, I love it! I can't believe what a weight has been lifted! Absolutely incredible!

Australia Australia
I wish i had one years ago

This is my second month using ovira and i'm in love. I wish i had one when i was a teen. I was sceptical but honestly its been the best money ive ever spent! - If they run out of love handles (i bought some 5cm-5cm 2mm adhesive pads off ebay-square ones) and they work just as well and stay on my tummy better (im not flat like the models haha)) I've told all my friends to try her because she has changed my life!

Questions? We've got answers.

Ovira is intended for the relief of primary menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea). It may also help to relieve the pain of secondary menstrual pain due to conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, adenomyosis or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Ovira applies a small electrical current through two compression pads that are placed over nerve roots that supply the sensory fibres to the uterus - these are called dermatomes T10, T11 and T12. Once in place and turned on, the current prevents the pain signals from travelling to the brain, and causes the muscles in the uterine area to relax, resulting in a calming analgesic effect.

Ovira is safe to use and has undergone heavy testing to get approved by all regulating bodies. She is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and CE marked.

The electrical current pulsing through the Love Handles feels like gentle vibrations. You control the intensity.